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The Ultimate Success Formula to Choose Right MBA

7 point checklist to choosing an MBA Taking an MBA is likely to be one of the biggest investments of time and money that you ever make. So, if you are thinking about doing an MBA? You are convinced –well, almost. There are still some doubts. And Google search on “MBA admissions” showing nearly 200 […]

Journey from Africa to India!

Note: This is a guest blog post written by Ankita Gattani and Abhinav Gupta, Digital marketing students and interns at KKMII-Stratford. Hello Everyone! In today’s Blog i would like to share the experience of Students that come from Africa to India for their further education. It is very hard to say but it’s true that […]

5 reasons of discrepancy between what Corporate needs and what Education system delivers

Our education system and its delivery pattern have changed a lot in recent past. Primarily, the private schools, colleges, institutions and universities try to keep pace with evolving industry pattern. Despite this, there is huge incongruity between what corporate demands and what is being supplied by our existing Education system. For government institutions it is […]

Interested in Knowing about Sexiest Job of 21st Century

One tweet, one like, one comment is all that’s needed for you to make your social presence felt, but what happens when those millions around you do the same? Ever wondered how the Amazon recommendations are so fine-tuned to your liking and purchases? Or how the credit card companies are able to educate you of […]


What is freelancing Freelancing is a sort of self-employment that offers flexibility to work at our own dispensable comfort for multiple clients simultaneously. Freelancing as an option is gaining up across all sectors like Animation, Fashion, E-Commerce, Service industry etc. Freelancing in Digital Marketing: Freelancing in Digital Marketing is burgeoning at a high pace as a […]

Entrepreneurship – A new Arena of MBA

Entrepreneurship – A new Arena of MBA Entrepreneurship is the deftness of building up a new business (small or big) undertaking financial risk in anticipation of earning profit. This a skill which has been witnessed to grow in past 10 years. With advent of new technologies and favorable government policies, starting and running a new business […]

Why MBA is a stable career
Why MBA is a stable career ??

There has been a buzz around MBA in last couple of years. I still remember the day when my Mother-in-law used to proudly boast to her relatives that her Bahu is an MBA . Being an MBA means lot of skills collated in a single person – Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Motivational skill, Impetus to drive business, […]