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Students enjoy building new friendships, enriching their academic life, and being introduced to new cultures. Participating in art and cultural events helps students to get the opportunity to learn and share their interests in all urban and traditional art forms. Various events have been organized and well attended by international students actively.

Dance…..! Dance……!

Various dance sessions are organized by the the Students Club and all the students spend time dancing with each other and learning different dance forms. Some are even joined by the faculty.


Trip to Pratapgarh Farms

The club organized a trip to Pratapgarh Farms. It was eagerly awaited and well attended by all students. It was a fun filled day at the farm with camel rides, students trying their hand at pottery, painting and other creative activities, not to mention being introduced to traditional Indian food.


Debate Competition


International Food Festival

We never had the chance to taste the meal of other countries except where we have ever been until KKMII Students club held the food festival. It was awesome!!!. We were exposed to cuisines from more than 20 countries with different delicious tastes, and it was a moment that stayed in my memory because we enjoyed food that tasted delicious even though we never had such diets before and we wish it would be held again within the end of every month.


There are no dull moments in KKMII so expect special programs and activities every week. To know about more about the Club’s events click on any of the buttons below:

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