BSBA (BBA) in Finance

Finance is the most crucial of all business processes within organizations of all sizes. It is highly imperative for each organization to manage its financials smartly. This gives rise to the need of qualified and competent finance professionals. A BBA degree in Finance can propel your chances of making it big in the financial world. Our BBA program in Finance is designed to acquaint students with the working of financial markets. It is also created to provide students with technical, analytical and creative skills that would help them to apply current theory and analytical techniques to their work. As the Indian economy continues to grow and people become more aware of the necessity of managing their funds, there will be an explosion in the number of finance related jobs. Banks, Stock Markets, Commodities and Insurance sector are all employing finance professionals in high numbers. Even in all other sectors, finance jobs are growing steadily so BBA Finance student will never lack opportunities.

Finance Concentration (Choose any four courses)

Course Code Course Name Credits
BUS 300* Financial Management 4.5
BUS 320 Taxation Principles 4.5
BUS 340 * Managerial Accounting 4.5
BUS 400 * Advanced Financial Management 4.5
BUS 420* Accounting Information Systems 4.5
BUS 440* Business Forecasting and Simulation 4.5
BUS 450 Personal Financial Management 4.5

BUS 300 Financial Management

This course teaches the concepts and skills of financial planning within a business. Concepts covered include how to use financial statements and how to plan appropriate action. Specific topics are preparing budgets, analyze investment options, and assess risk and return of financing business endeavors.
Prerequisite: BUS 122 or equivalent.

BUS 320 Taxation Principles

This course provides a sufficient understanding of the tax environment to evaluate business transactions. Fundamental tax concepts are applied to a variety of business, investment, employment, and personal transactions. Topics include business formation, capital expenditures, employee and executive compensation, international and multi-state operations and disclosure.
Prerequisite: BUS 122 or equivalent.

BUS 340 Managerial Accounting

This course covers financial accounting concepts and managerial accounting topics. The course introduces finance and its importance and relevance to business operations. It covers the internal financial environment of a business. Topics include financial statements analysis, cost accounting, job order costing, and process product costing.
Prerequisite: BUS 122 or equivalent.

BUS 400 Advance Financial Management

This course analyzes applied issues in corporate finance through a series of cases. Several concepts are covered including: advanced capital budgeting, valuation techniques, corporate risk management, currency hedging and valuation of start-ups.
Prerequisite: BUS 300.

BUS 420 Accounting Information Systems

This course focuses on the impact of information technology on accounting including developments in the Internet, electronic commerce, EDI and databases. Additionally, the course provides information on developing, implementing, and maintaining an accounting information system. Also addressed are the increasingly competitive business environment and techniques to reap the most value at the least cost.
Prerequisite: BUS 122.

BUS 440 Business Forecasting and Simulation

This course examines the application of economic theory and methodology needed by business managers to forecast both technical and non-technical needs. Topics include tools and techniques for analysis, consumer and firm behavior, product demand, evaluation of decisions, technology benefits and challenges and interactions between firms and the marketplace.
Prerequisite: BUS 300.

BUS 450 Personal Financial Management

This course introduces the student to the concepts, tools, and applications of personal finance and investments. The course assumes little or no prior knowledge of the subject matter and focuses on helping the student understand the process of financial planning and the logic that drives it.
Prerequisite: None.

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