BSBA (BBA) in Human Resource Management

BBA in Human Resource Management : BSBA in HR is designed to develop your skills human resource planning and strategising on compensation, recruitment, training and development, career planning, organiza¬tional effectiveness, employee relations, and collective bargaining. Business environments are becoming exceedingly competitive. Employees expect the best work environment along with great compensations. Companies are trying to out-do each other to hire and retain talented resources. In such an environment, the role of an HR becomes a very important one. This is exactly where a sound education in Human Resource Management comes in handy.

Human Resource Management has expanded into a whole new horizon that was hitherto unrelated to people management. HR’s are now very much a part of strategic business decisions to ensure continuous development of the company through its human resources. At our BBA program in Human Resource Management, you will learn all the aspects of Human Resource Management as well as how to anticipate change in a continuously evolving workspace. Start your college life with a focused BBA in HR degree for a strong future in Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management Concentration (Choose any four courses)

BUS 350* Staffing and Employment 4.5
BUS 351* Workplace Safety 4.5
BUS 352* Employment Law 4.5
BUS 353 Labor Management Relations 4.5
BUS 354 Compensation Management 4.5
BUS 355 Managing People 4.5
BUS 425 Diversity in the Workplace 4.5
  • Course requires prerequisites fulfilled by elective courses; reference course description for prerequisites

BUS 350 Staffing and Employment

This course examines current issues affecting staffing and employment practices and the impact on the organization’s ability to compete in the market place, to develop and maintain a successful workforce, and comply with the various regulations governing staffing and employment practices are discussed in this course. Major topics include: technical issues involved in developing and implementing selection programs within organizations; how to achieve a successful person/job and governing staffing / employment practices, and staffing procedures, policies, techniques and problems, and the role of public policy on staffing/employment practices.
Prerequisite: BUS 210.

BUS 351 Workplace Safety

This course is designed to educate and increase student’s awareness of internal and external factors that could negatively affect occupational safety in the workplace and understand the practices that can maintain and/or improve workplace safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) responsibilities for administering and enforcing programs, regulations, and standards designed to reduce injuries and illness on the job are also examined. Techniques to improve workplace safety and health for all workers by reducing hazards while increasing employer and worker awareness of commitment to and involvement with safety and health are also discussed.
Prerequisite: BUS 210.

BUS 352 Employment Law

This course provides an overview of key legislation that impacts employee rights, training, consumer protection, compensation, benefits, employee and labor relations, and health safety, and security. The importance of effective management practices to ensure regulatory compliance in the areas of employee and employer rights and responsibilities, job analysis, performance appraisal, and workplace behavior will also be reviewed.
Prerequisite: BUS 210.

BUS 353 Labor Management Relations

The historical, current and legal analysis of labor relations in the united states and its impact on an organizations ability to compete in the marketplace, to develop and maintain a successful workforce, and comply with various statutory and common law regulations governing labor/ management relations are discussed in this course.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 354 Compensation Management

This course involves the student of laws, theories, and practices related to compensation administration and benefits. This course prepares students entering the human resource management filed in solving specific problems and avoiding expensive errors to the organization.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 355 Managing People

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the role of managers in managing people, arguably the most important resource in an organization. The course describes the strategies managers can adopt to manage people, people-organizational linkages and impact of dynamic changes on these areas.
Prerequisite: None.

Diversity in the Workplace

This course examines the management of a diverse workforce and the benefits of creating this diversity. Topics include understanding human behavior in an organization, changing marketplace realities, employment systems, affirmative action, behavior modification for employees and other topics related to a multicultural workforce.
Prerequisite: None.

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