BSBA (BBA) in Management

BSBA (BBA) in Management is a course in General Management methodologies that encompasses various disciplines like Finance, Business Law, Operations, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business and more.

The role of a business manager is to lead his people towards achieving the company goals and also to help them fulfill their individual goals in the process. A manager is the bridge between a company and its resources. A manager is also the mentor of his people who represents their expectations and achievements to the company. To play this crucial part effectively within an organization, management aspirants can use help from the experts.

A BBA in Management Degree will give you an effective start into the world of business. This generic course promotes an overall development of future Business Managers. Our BSBA in Management course is designed to sharpen your leadership skills from a young age. Opportunities for a BBA Management graduate course exist in almost every public and private field of work.

Management Concentrations (Choose any four courses)

BUS 300* Financial Management 4.5
BUS 305* International Business Strategies 4.5
BUS 325 Entrepreneurial Leadership 4.5
BUS 375 New Venture Creation 4.5
BUS 380 Project Management 4.5
BUS 405* Business Law: Legal Environment for Business 4.5
BUS 415* Organizational Theory and Development 4.5
BUS 416 Quality Management and Productivity 4.5

BUS 300 Financial Management

This course covers concepts of managing finance. It includes analysis of financial statements, planning budgets, analyzing investments with risk assessment and returns on business endeavors.
Prerequisite: BUS 122 or equivalent.

BUS 305 International Business Strategies

This course focuses on the strategies and structures of international businesses. Topics include cultural differences, economics and politics of international trade and investment, functions and form of the global monetary system, and assessment of the special roles of an international business’s various functions.
Prerequisite: BUS240 or equivalent.

BUS 325 Entrepreneurial Leadership

Through the study of successful leaders and their companies, students learn techniques to move a company from mediocre to great. Topics include goal setting, culture development, vision, profits, technology, and effects of change, discipline, and necessary leadership qualities.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 375 New Venture Creation

This course focuses on detail concepts of entrepreneurship. What clicks and what does not? What makes several start-ups fail to take off while other soar the skies overnight? Opportunity recognition, resource requirements, man power management, financial aid and an effective strategy form key areas of study. Equity creation, influence of internet, ethics, rewards and incentives and a winning attitude is scrutinized to derive a pattern among successful business ventures. The course is taught through rich study material, research and extensive case studies.
Prerequisite: BUS300.

BUS 380 Project Management

This course will allow students to manage a project within their major field of study. Students prepare a project plan that includes details of their project, deliverables, dates when they will be completed, and the associated learning that will be exhibited. Students implement their plan and record weekly status on their progress, issues, decisions, and learning. At the conclusion of the course, students complete their projects and summarize their results in a final report.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 405 Business Law: Legal Environment for Business

This course addresses the changing dynamics of business in the legal system. Covered are the basic theories of business law including the legal environment and legal theory and structure of the legal system. The course goes beyond the basic concepts and addresses challenging issues such as contract law, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and copyright, trademark and protection of intellectual property.
Prerequisite: BUS100.

BUS 415 Organizational Theory and Development

This course examines the field of organizational development and provides a background in organizational development theory and application. Topics include history of organizational development theory, models for organizational structure and change, and advances in organizational development theory.
Prerequisite: BUS210.

BUS 416 Quality Management and Productivity

This course examines the concepts of continuous improvement and quality management, viewing quality as a systematic process that improves customer satisfaction. The course covers methodologies that will aid managers in assuring that the company’s quality system is effectively meeting the company’s continuous improvement goals.
Prerequisite: None.

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