BSBA (BBA) in Marketing

BBA in Marketing : The focus of a BBA in Marketing Course is to instill in students the ability to analyze situations and make shrewd business decisions; a valued trait in a marketing person. The course makes students familiar with foundational concepts of finance and accounting. It helps them build a sound understanding of sales & marketing theories and practices. It also encourages students to develop their abilities to think rationally and assess situations on the basis of this knowledge.

The primary objective of Marketing courses is to quip students with the right tools that would help them work their way up in an extremely competitive environment that Marketing is. For a Graduate in Marketing Management, there are several career paths like Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager, Advertising Manager, Promotions Manager and more open before them. Students can gain some years of quality work experience and then hone their skills further by pursuing an MBA in Marketing. This will help them leap ahead of their competitors and peers in terms of vertical growth within the Marketing sphere.

We offer a wide spectrum of choices for BBA in Marketing students.

Marketing Concentrations (Choose any four courses)

BUS 361 Buyer Behaviour 4.5
BUS 362 Sales Management 4.5
BUS 363 Strategic Issues in Marketing 4.5
BUS 364 Marketing Research 4.5
BUS 365 Marketing On the Internet 4.5
BUS 366 International Marketing 4.5
BUS 367 Business to Business Marketing 4.5
BUS 430* Competitive Strategies 4.5

BUS 361 Buyer Behavior

This course focuses on understanding and influencing consumer perceptions and buying decisions. Integrated into the process is the role of marketing research and the basic methods and techniques needed to interpret information relevant to targeting markets, positioning products, and designing effective marketing communications.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 362 Sales Management

This course provides an in-depth review of a variety of methods that businesses use to communicate with and influence customers and prospective customers. Methods covered include advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, individual selling, and others.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 363 Strategic Issues in Marketing

This course develops the marketing principles by which products and services are designed to meet customer needs, priced, promoted, and distributed to the end user. The focus is on the application of these marketing principles to a wide range of customers, both internal and external. Topics include new product/service introduction and segmentation and positioning strategy.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 364 Marketing Research

This course covers basic research methodology applied to marketing issues. Students study methods and techniques for collection, analysis, and interpretation of primary and secondary data for customer and business marketing.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 365 Marketing on the Internet

This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to generate viable business via the internet. This course will explore strategic directions, branding, business cases, and life-cycle management of products for developing products for a digital world.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 366 International Marketing

This course covers the concepts and practices of marketing in the global environment. The modifications and adaptations required to meet the challenges and different problems associated with international marketing will be the major focus of this course. Also covered is how to integrate strategies with international marketing functions.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 367 Business to Business Marketing

This course develops the students’ understanding of the various concepts in organizational buying and enables them to comprehend the buying processes of business markets. With value created and delivered in the marketplace as its cornerstone, this course equips the students with necessary marketing tools to deal with issues related to business markets.
Prerequisite: None.

BUS 430 Competitive Strategies

This course addresses the complex future faced by existing businesses. Materials will cover strategic and organizational issues, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, technological change, strategic alliances, and the challenges of creating and serving markets around the world. Topics include strategic goals, competitive environment, value chains, focus strategies, ethics, diversification, globalization, cooperation and competition, organization design practices, and implementing change.
Prerequisite: BUS 120.

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