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Convocation Ceremony for Stratford Graduating Students 2017

Convocation Ceremony is an unforgettable event in every student’s academic life. It leaves behind relishing memories of learning, fighting, teasing and joyous experiences we had in our college. It is not the end but a beginning of a new and independent life…. A life where our trainer is not there to hold our hand but a life where we are expected to execute what we have learnt from him.

Convocation evolves as a defining moment in the life of a student boosting his self-esteem as he is awarded with his DEGREE. Graduation Event is important to parent as well, as it certifies their ward who is going to be self-regulating then after.

One such heart-felt event is being organized by Stratford University in honor of all its Graduating students in India. Time to bid them adieu and let them enter the Corporate World. Wish them all the very best to reach the zenith of their career.

The ceremony is going to be held on 3rd February’17 at Eros International, Nehru Place, New Delhi –110019 9:30 am onwards . Graduating students are cordially invited along with their parents to be a part of the occasion.  The Convocation Ceremony will be followed by party and recursion for the Alumni. Parents and guardians accompanying their ward would participate in honoring the accomplishments of the graduates during the ceremony.

We believe our students stand unparalleled potential and impending vigor. While entering the dynamic Commercial World we wish them ALL THE BEST to demonstrate the skill set they have developed and make significant contributions to the society. We stand in awe of the process and that’s the true GRADUATION.


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