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The Educational Loan Plan is available to students who want to fund their education through loans to pay for tuition in Bachelors or Masters Degree or any short term programs.

The education loan guidelines are available on Indian Banking association website

Education Loan from banks

For additional information on how to apply, eligibility criteria, and amount of loan, please contact the direct website of the banks as listed below with which the Company enjoys relationships.

The banks are:

Students have also got education loans from various other banks and financial institutions namely:

The students who undertake loan may be allowed for deferment in the payment of tuition fees . Please contact a Finance Counsellor for further details.

Terms and Conditions

For additional information on education loans, it is recommended that you may visit the website of the Banks. Prospective students are advised to consider the following:

  • The loans are at sole discretion of the bank according to the prescribed guidelines of the Bank.
  • The finance counsellors handholds the students for the loan process but does not guarantee the loans.

If the Modi Academic international Institute- Stratford University determines that if a student does not meet the criteria of educational loan, and if the student does not provide all the required documentation, then the student will be immediately responsible for any outstandings and will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the Cash Plan.

A student’s eligibility to start or continue attending classes is at the discretion of the MAII- Stratford University. If a student fails to make payment in a timely manner then his name will be withdrawn from attending future class sessions until the student pays the amount in full or payment arrangements are undertaken to the satisfaction of the Finance counsellor. They are also available to provide additional information if required.

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