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We’re here to help you understand your education loans requirements and your understanding on policies.

To provide as much information, we’ve compiled answers to a range of questions we hear frequently. For answers to specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Finance Counsellor.

1. When do I have to make payment for my courses?

All payments should be made at least 10 days prior to the start of the quarter ( Term).With approval from the finance counsellor the payment can be extended until through the drop add period of attendance which is attendance of more than one in a workshop.

2. What is the outcome in case I do not have full money to pay for my courses and I am awaiting remittance from my parents?

You can pay partially and get started on your courses and a grace period of 20 days is allowed from the start of the quarter (Term ) to pay the fees after intimation to the finance counsellors. However if payment in full is not made a late charge of Rs 1000/- is charged from 20 days till 45 days of the start of the course. In the eventuality of non-payment of fees no attendance or grades are allowed for the quarter ( Term )

3. When and where can I apply for a loan?

Students can approach a bank close to their residence according to the residence proof they possess.

After registration with the institute an admission letter from MAII- Stratford issued which helps them to apply in the bank. The finance counsellor hand holds the students for loan documentation.

4. How much loan can I get from the bank?

The student can get any minimum amount to full fees as loan from the bank as per guidelines and criteria as per Bank policy.

5. Do I have to take full disbursement of loan and how can I save on interest?

The loan does not have to be disbursed at one go but it is disbursed for the courses undertaken and as per demand letter raised by MAII- Stratford. Hence the interest cost reduces proportionately depending on the amount disbursed.

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