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MBA in International Business

An MBA degree concentrated on International Business was designed to create managers for the global economy. Geographical boundaries are quickly vanishing in the face of a capital driven world. Businesses are always on the lookout for newer markets to explore after saturating the existing ones. In such a scenario, an MBA in International Business provides students with the knowledge, outlook and flexibility to fit into global shoes and explore exciting possibilities.

MBA in International Business in India is a highly lucrative choice for those who wish to make their future in the international market. MBA International Business focuses especially on multinational corporations that have a global presence and are constantly trying to reach out to hitherto unexplored economies. The course, therefore, has to include specialized functions like international marketing & finance, global economies, intercultural communication and geopolitics. Here are the main courses taught at our MBA International Business program.

International Business Concentration (Choose any four courses)

Course Code

Course Name


EBM505 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise I 4.5
EBM572 International Economics 4.5
EBM575 Global Economy 4.5
EBM590 International Money, Banking & Financial Markets 4.5
EBM645 Geopolitics 4.5

EBM505 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise
The core focus of this course is to elucidate organizational objectives, management concepts and effective leadership principals that can be generally applied to a global business environment. We take a holistic approach to help define, analyze and understand the many pillars of a business organization in a highly competitive world to students.
Prerequisite: None.

EBM572 International Economics
This course focuses on the theoretical and empirical aspects of global economy and international trade. It includes business opportunities, trade risks, trade-friendly policies, policy impediments, international payments, foreign exchange systems, and market rate and so on. We also study the role of MNC’s and investments in emerging markets. Students are required to stay ahead of current events related to global economy and discuss their short and long term impact.
Prerequisite: None.

EBM575 Global Economy
This course discusses key dimensions of the global economy, including international business-opportunities and risks. Trade theory and policy, the balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, exchange rate systems and risks, and international payment systems are also discussed. Additional topics such as foreign direct investments might also be discussed in addition to the changing role of multinational corporations and elements of international corporate strategies.
Prerequisite: None.

EBM590 International Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
This course explores the role that international finance markets play in the business environment. Students study principles and applications of international financial markets and their impact on the world economy. The course also addresses currency exchange mechanisms in theory and practice, including international monetary systems; offshore financial markets and currency risk management, including interest rate and currency futures, options, and swaps.
Prerequisite: None.

EBM645 Geopolitics
This course examines the complex and turbulent international environment. A manager requires both a basic conceptual framework that can inform and order political and economic events, and an understanding of how the international political economy actually affects strategy. Geopolitics explores the structure and evolution of the international political-economic system, and then looks at several critical issues areas, such as economic and currency unions, technological advances, strategic alliances, and national competitiveness. Current events and issues are introduced as appropriate. The emphasis of the course is on implications for domestic and global strategy.
Prerequisite: None.

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