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Internship Opportunities

Employment Opportunities Which Would Help You To Earn While You Learn

We encourage our students to undergo at least 10-12 weeks of internships with various prominent companies in order to gain practical knowledge from the industry. Our students are also exposed to prominent faculty with great deal of corporate experience. Various national and international academic institutions and companies offer internships to our students. Following are the various employment opportunities which would help you to earn while you learn –

Stratford Careers
Stratford University believes that true success is achieved through incorporating various cultures and also providing equal employment opportunities. A student has the opportunity to work within the college while they are studying as there are plenty of such positions within various departments of the college. Also, if a student shows excellent performance during his/her internship, he/she can also be offered a permanent role in the organization.

We offer internship/part time jobs in the following areas:

  1. Customer development
  2. Finance
  3. Human resources
  4. Information technology
  5. Sales & Marketing
  6. Research and development
  7. Academics
  8. Content Development
  9. Analytics
  10. Admission Officer – International Student Office

Potential Corporate Employers
Many corporate giants hire students for 2-3 months as Trainees and make them go through a robust training program where a trainee learns multiple functional and cross-functional stints. For such programs, they visit institutes across India to hire Trainees based on their performance they would get an accelerated career advancement opportunity within the organization.
Internships are designed to accelerate growth of the students’ personal skills, focus on growing their potential and help them transform into a stronger, smarter and all rounded professional.
The industry usually offers the following functions to the students:

  1. Human resources
  2. Finance
  3. Research and development
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Analytics
  6. IT/Systems

Student Referral Program
Having studied at Stratford University, you must have gained an excellent understanding of our world-class teaching practices, experienced our state of the art infrastructure facilities and gained from our placement counseling programs. We encourage current and old students to actively refer their friends or relatives to us so that they may also gain the same advantages. We at Stratford are anxious to reach out to as many talented students as possible.


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