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Journey from Africa to India!

Note: This is a guest blog post written by Ankita Gattani and Abhinav Gupta, Digital marketing students and interns at KKMII-Stratford.

Hello Everyone!

In today’s Blog i would like to share the experience of Students that come from Africa to India for their further education.

It is very hard to say but it’s true that there are still some countries where students are not getting quality education easily and for that they have to leave their hometown and go to other countries and fight to gain the knowledge of quality education.

Do you really think, that moving from hometown and going to different countries is easy?

No, it’s not! As leaving one’s comfort zone and adapting different cultures is not a one day task. Sometimes it takes years to make themselves comfortable.

If we talk about India, there are many students who come here from different countries for their higher education and at a particular stage, they earn a good corporate value in their field.

There are some common problems which every foreign student faces and sometimes these problems make their life miserable. Like every country has its own tongue language but if you go in other countries then it’s difficult to understand these languages. The same problem is with the foreign students as so many students don’t know even English then it’s impossible for them to understand Hindi. In India, there are many colleges and institutions that provides excellent quality education but generally the communication occurs in Hindi which acts as major barrier for the foreign students, they find it hard to cope up with all.

Even finding an accommodation for themselves is also a major problem as people don’t trust them easily and tenants don’t give them the right space. Even many institutions don’t have the hostel facilities for the students and due to this students suffer.

Couple of days before at KKMII Institute.

I had an encounter with the African students

Firstly, we just had normal talk like Hii, Hello! But after sometime I just asked them about their journey from their hometown to India. It was shocking for me to believe that they have to fight for their visa and other formalities on entering India. But the real problem starts when they reach here like getting rooms, good colleges where teacher teaches in English, food and their surroundings.

But thankfully there are some colleges which help them from the very first step like getting visa and sorting their all the problems. There are still some colleges where they get diversification so which makes them more comfortable and they can focus on their studies rather than focusing on other non-stuff problems. And even teachers teach everything in English so they can understand better.

Through this blog I tried to showcase the good & the bitter reality faced by African-Indian students. This could even help the Africans and other students who are planning to make their career in India.The College plays the most crucial role in the students life.

– Ankita and Abhinav,

Digital marketing batch of 2016

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