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Life in the Campus – Study in the Heart of the City

Modi Academic International Institute–Stratford University is an urban campus located in the heart of New Delhi. Our campus is well connected by Delhi Metro and several public transportation options like taxis and buses which eliminates the need for a car on an everyday basis.

Being located centrally, KKMII-Stratford offers more social and cultural opportunities which are within easy reach like museums, theatres, music spots, clubs, parks, bars and restaurants, etc. Our campus is in close proximity to famous shopping areas and sports clubs. Hospitals and medical facilities are located within a half kilometer radii.

As our campus has a number of wide ranging businesses in close proximity, internship opportunities are plentiful. Students who need to work while attending school can avail several jobs available.

KKMII Stratford Students Club-One House! One Voice!

Welcome to the KKMII Student Club. Since its inception in the first quarter of 2014, it has been very promising in creating activities both academic and non-academic such as cultural festivals, academic competitions like debates, music concerts, dance, field trips, sports games (football, basketball etc.), excursions and lots more to create fun along with studies; Students work together to make the club a great one with their ideas and involvement during the scheduled programs.

There are no dull moments in KKMII so expect special programs and activities every week. To know more about the Club’s events click on any of the buttons below:

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