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MBA in Management

Managers are relentlessly multi-tasking. They have to simultaneously take care of people management, decision making, strategizing, implementation of business systems and processes, ensuring customer satisfaction, managing budget and reducing financial impact within a rapidly changing business environment.

An MBA in Business Management is a generic course which can help you find your footing in any kind of business environment. It focuses on the core duties and responsibilities of a typical business manager and aims at enabling students to achieve the knowledge and mindset of a true leader.

An MBA in Management is a highly dynamic course which teaches the nuances of business leadership. A student of MBA Management can fit into any business environment with ease and emerge a strong leader especially in multinational corporations that have a large global presence and multitudinous verticals to manage. MBA in Management also prepares students to be founders. It imparts skills relevant to Entrepreneurship.

MBA in Management course offers the following electives.

Management Requirements (Choose any four courses)

Course Code

Course Name


EBM504 Organizational Behaviour


EBM505 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise I


EBM506 Entrepreneurship & Venture Management


EBM525 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise II


EBM555 Business and Public Policy


EBM504 Organizational Behavior
This course analyzes both the formal and informal aspects of the management process. Topics include: human behavior in an organizational environment, individual behavior patterns, superior/subordinate relationships, group dynamics, communication, motivation and decision-making, and the impact of innovation and change on the organization. Prerequisite: None.

EBM505 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise I
This course focuses on an integrative approach to organizational concepts, management principles, and the effects of leadership styles and human resource policies and practices on organizational performance in a global and competitive work environment. Prerequisite: None.

EBM506 Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
This course presents the knowledge and skills needed to create and manage a new venture. It also examines the various dynamics associated with the various forms of entrepreneurial activity. In this course students are required to interview an entrepreneur, develop recommendations for a company and address challenges, and analyze a sector to uncover entrepreneurial opportunities and develop your own business concepts. Prerequisite: None.

EBM525 Global Leadership in Business Enterprise II
This course is a continuation of EBM505. This course will discuss case studies in leadership and addresses problems that organizations go through because of the leadership flaws. Prerequisite: EBM505.

EBM555 Business and Public Policy

This course discusses political, legal, economic, and ethical forces acting on business as well as the interaction of the market system and public policy process in the development of law and regulation.Prerequisite: None.

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