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MBA in Insurance

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Insurance Industry Future in India

The future looks promising for the life insurance industry with several changes in the regulatory framework which will lead to further change in the way the industry conducts its business and engages with its customers. The overall insurance industry is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020.

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MBA in Insurance Course Details

Course objective

Insurance is a complex field of study that requires the in-depth understanding of a variety of topics like risk management, contracts, finance and actuary science. Our Insurance MBA program combines course management topics like business operations, economics, marketing, and organizational behavior with core insurance issues like insurance law, insurance operations, and risk management.

MBA in Insurance degree is designed for career-minded students who want to make it big in the insurance sector. The main objective of this course is to develop in students the required skills for management of insurance and risk and help them find management level employment in the Insurance industry. We provide one of the few Insurance Management Courses in Delhi, India. Our MBA Insurance curriculum consists of general courses on Insurance Management and Operations as well as courses with specific focus on the various types of insurance like Life Insurance, Property Insurance and Health Care.

Stratford and you

Course Structure

(Total 40 courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 180 credit hours)

Students who hold an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field will be required to demonstrate competency in the business core areas. Competency can be demonstrated by completing necessary coursework prior to beginning graduate studies at Stratford University or by completing appropriate bridge course offered through the Stratford University On-campus or Online programs.


BUS 100 Introduction to Business
BUS 120 Sales and Marketing
BUS 230 Financial Accounting
BUS 235 Operations Management
BUS 250 Principal of Economics

Any 8 Elective courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 36 credit hours


EBM502 Research Methods 4.5
EBM510 Information Processing and Web 4.5
EBM558 Corporate Finance 4.5
EBM560 Managerial Accounting 4.5
EBM562 International Managerial Accounting 4.5
EBM587 Strategic Business Marketing 4.5
EBM635 Business Transformations 4.5
EBM640 International Business 4.5
EBM642 Managerial International Business 4.5
EBM690 Business Capstone 4.5


Any 4 Concentration courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 18 credit hour



EBM 604 Insurance Management 4.5
EBM 605 Insurance Operations 4.5
EBM 617 Insurance Services: Life Insurance 4.5
EBM 618 Insurance Services- Property & Casualty 4.5
EBM 619 Insurance Services: Health Care 4.5
EBM 637 Insurance Policy: Life Insurance 4.5
EBM 638 Insurance Policy: Property & Casualty 4.5
EBM 639 Insurance Policy: Health Care 4.5


EBM 604 Insurance Management




This course emphasizes the concept of the Law of Large Numbers, types of insurance policies, how insurance benefits society, premium Allocation, insurance laws & regulations, insurance industry. It gives a detailed overview of The Insurance Transaction, Producer Functions, and Insurance Marketing Systems relating to Intangible Services Marketing. It also describes types of classifications and types of Insurers, Insurer Functions, the Underwriting Process, Goals of the Claim Function, Policy Analysis, concept of risk & insurance, corporate governance.

EBM 605 Insurance Operations




This course explains the role of insurance companies in the economy, players, organization structure of insurance companies, insurance and regulations. It also educates students about issues concerned Marketing Mix, Matching Products to target market. Topics covered include the Process of Product Development, Characteristics of effective product development, designing documents as per law, pricing & financial design of insurance products, Distribution Channels, Customers of Insurance Company, Claim investigation, Claims on insured/reinsured policies.

EBM 617 Insurance Services: Life Insurance



The aim of this course within MBA Insurance is to provide students with the knowledge of life and health Insurance principles and services in UK and USA in comparison with India. The students will able to understand the different types of life insurance plans and products, and its variations in USA and India. It covers the principal aspects of the life insurance industry, life insurance company operations and its regulatory environment. The US Regulation governing life Insurance and the grievance addressal system in life insurance will also be discussed.

EBM 618 Insurance Services: Property & Casualty



Property & casualty insurance protects a person or business from damage to, or loss of insured
property and as well as legal liability for losses caused by injury to other people or their property or the loss of its income-producing liabilities. P & C Insurance contributes to economic growth and development by mitigating financial volatility resulting from large losses, motivating investment in property and commercial activity with inherent risks and facilitating commerce and trade. Casualty insurance is typically combined with property insurance and often referred to as “property and casualty” insurance. Property insurance insures the location of the business while casualty insurance insures the business. P & C insurance is divided into personal lines and commercial lines.

EBM 619 Insurance Services: Health Care




This course summarizes the learning and formulates strategies for the management of various challenges which will encounter in the healthcare environment in USA, UK and India. Healthcare service is in increasing demand in India, UK and United States. This course explores the opportunities for improvement in the design and management of US healthcare services and operations. Services include managing healthcare industry, utilization pharmacy benefit management, network development and regulation. Operations include excel solver, scheduling, economic and decision analysis. The various forms of provider models and service delivery systems found in private and public health sectors are described, including ambulatory, acute, and long-term care.

EBM 637 Insurance Policy: Life Insurance




This course summarizes the learning of major life insurance policies and plans pertaining to USA, UK and India. The course provides the students with understanding of Insurance mechanism. The students will able to understand the different types of life insurance policies and products in UK and USA. It covers the principal aspects of the life insurance industry, concepts of insurance and how it is used to cover risk. The relationship between insurer and their customers and the importance of insurance contracts are discussed.

EBM 638 Insurance Policy: Property & Casualty




Property and causality insurance is insurance that protects against property losses to your business, home or your vehicle and/or against legal liability that may result from injury or damage to the property of others. This type of insurance can protect a person or a business with an interest in the insured physical property against losses. P & C policy is a broad category of coverage against loss of property, damage or other liabilities and how important is this insurance coverage policy. Property and casualty insurance can most often be defined as a contract in which the insurance company agrees to pay for any personal or property damages in exchange for an agreed upon monthly fee. This course will be more focused towards the P & C insurance policy in USA. Casualty insurance is typically combined with property insurance and often referred to as “property and casualty” insurance. Property insurance insures the location of the business while casualty insurance insures the business International Organizational for Standardization (ISO) provides services for insurance companies that write the following lines of property/casualty insurance:

EBM 639 Insurance Policy: Health Care




This course will introduce the student to the intricate processes that public policymakers use to influence the health status of a society. Workers compensation and rules and the laws governing the health care industry will be examined. A historic review of trends will be evaluated and the challenges of future health care delivery will be examined. The role of Indian, UK and USA policy formation and implementation are reviewed. The various stakeholders’ in health care delivery are identified.

Each course is 4.5 Credits each


Masters degree comprises of 40 courses

( 180 Total credits)

* Masters Fee Per Credit = Rs. 15412
* Registration Fee = Rs. 45400

* Subject to annual increase
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