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MBA in Supply Chain Management

Join the Masters course and work towards building a career in Supply Chain Management (MBA in Supply Chain Management)

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Career Prospects for MBA in Supply Chain Management

For a rewarding career in Supply chain management, Operations and Logistics

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According to a report launched by the World Economic Forum if all countries were to improve their logistics performance and reduce supply chain barriers to just half the level observed in the best performing country in their respective regions, global GDP could increase by 2.6%.

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MBA in Supply Chain Management Course Details

Course objective

India has been experiencing a major boom in logistics and supply chain in the last few years. The demand in this field was initially not met with adequate response as we did not have enough skilled workforce that specialized in this area. As a result, there is much demand for qualified professionals especially decision makers in the supply chain management. Due to technology changes in this ever-evolving market, job growth is on the rise. Therefore an MBA in Supply chain Management has become a much sought after MBA specialization.

MBA in Logistics and Supply chain Management Course covers a wide spectrum of topics out of which you can choose four that suit your career aspirations the best. For a successful career in Supply chain Management, students need a broad foundational understanding of business which includes basic finance, accounting, decision making and general marketing. It helps students excel in areas of procurement, logistics, supply chain and operations through business management. For a deeper understanding of the business, students can also opt to learn about purchasing and sourcing, movement of goods and supply chain operations.

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Course Structure

(Total 40 courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 180 credit hours)

Students who hold an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field will be required to demonstrate competency in the business core areas. Competency can be demonstrated by completing necessary coursework prior to beginning graduate studies at Stratford University or by completing appropriate bridge course offered through the Stratford University On-campus or Online programs.


BUS 100 Introduction to Business
BUS 120 Sales and Marketing
BUS 230 Financial Accounting
BUS 235 Operations Management
BUS 250 Principal of Economics

Any 8 Elective courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 36 credit hours


EBM502 Research Methods 4.5
EBM510 Information Processing and Web 4.5
EBM558 Corporate Finance 4.5
EBM560 Managerial Accounting 4.5
EBM562 International Managerial Accounting 4.5
EBM587 Strategic Business Marketing 4.5
EBM635 Business Transformations 4.5
EBM640 International Business 4.5
EBM642 Managerial International Business 4.5
EBM690 Business Capstone 4.5


Any 4 Concentration courses x 4.5 credit hours each = 18 credit hour




EBM 610 Financial Management 4.5
EBM 620 Financial Decision Making 4.5
EBM 622 International Financial Decision Making 4.5
EBM 655 Supply Chain Management Operations 4.5
EBM 656 Supply Chain Business Process Design 4.5
EBM 657 Supply Chain Inventory Management 4.5
EBM 680 Project Management 4.5


EBM 610 Financial Management



Prerequisite:EBM 560 or EBM 562

This course provides an overview of financial management, with an emphasis on analysis of financial decisions pertinent to management of a business firm. The course identifies the responsibilities of financial managers, financial problems facing firms, and the various approaches to financial decision making. Specific topics covered include capital acquisition, working capital management, capital budgeting, valuation theories, and dividend and long-term financial policies.

EBM 620 Financial Decision Making



Prerequisite:EBM 558 or EBM 610

This course will discuss theory and practice of business finance, emphasizing the impacts of long- and short-term uses and sources of funds on the firm’s value.

EBM 622 International Managerial Financial Decision Making


Prerequisite:EBM558 or EBM610

This course discusses the theory and practice of international managerial finance decision-making, emphasizing the impacts of long and short term uses and sources of funds on the firm’s value. Students learn to evaluate international business opportunities, compare financial alternatives, and identify and solve problems related to the use of funds.

EBM 655 Supply Chain Management Operations



The course examines supply chain management including sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, technologies, and quantitative models used in managing the supply chain. It exposes students to the buyer-supplier relationship as well as topics related to design and management of supply chains, from incoming raw materials to final product delivery. Course topics will include supply chain network design, facility planning, capacity planning, globalization and outsourcing, transportation and key logistical concepts, information technology, and global issues in supply chain management.

EBM 657 Supply Chain Inventory Management


Prerequisite:EBM 655

This course will focus on the design of the distribution system and the planning and control system used to manage the supply chain. It provides students with the concepts of purchasing and inventory management to include purchasing and inventory planning processes, supplier selection, contract negotiations, “Green” policies, and procurement. This course explores the transportation and logistics concepts within supply chains. Topics covered will include tools and techniques used in the design and operation of transportation and logistics systems and global issues in transportation and logistics management.

EBM 680 Project Management


Prerequisite:EBM 655

The course focuses on the effective organization of projects, tracking of costs and time expenditures, management of quality and risks,evaluation of human resources requirements, and the overcoming of potential obstacles.

Each course is 4.5 Credits each


Masters degree comprises of 40 courses
( 180 Total credits)

* Masters Fee Per Credit = Rs. 15412
* Registration Fee = Rs. 45400

* Subject to annual increase
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