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MBA Program

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The Master of Business Administration prepares students for various leadership positions in the fields of finance, information technology, international business, management or marketing by focusing on the application of latest business theories and principles to real-world situations.


What you’ll learn

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program makes students ready for a fast changing business environment. The program is designed for people who are interested in accelerating or taking their careers to the next level.
MBA with Stratford University consists of minimum 54 credit hours. Out of which 36 credit hours constitute the core requirements including various areas like human resource, business law, economics, accounting, research, statistics, operations management, corporate finance, marketing, and strategic planning & implementation. Further, students develop expertise in a particular area by selecting 4 courses of 18 credits in any one or more area of concentration.

How to Customize your Degree

Stratford gives you the opportunity to focus on what you want to do. You can tailor your degree to suit your career aspirations, interests and skills that you want to learn. We also allow time flexibility for working professionals seeking an MBA or students who wish to pursue two courses simultaneously. You can choose to do a Full time MBA Course, Weekend MBA Course or Evening MBA / Part Time MBA Course depending on your availability.

MBA Program Concentrations

You can complete your Master of Business Administration through classroom instruction at our campus, or a combination of both online and classroom instruction.

22.5 5
Core courses
36 8
Concentration courses
18 4
Total Required for Graduation 76.5 17

 *Courses to be offered only to non-business / technical graduates.

Prerequisites are a way of making sure that you enter into a course or subject with some prior knowledge. This, not only helps the professor to teach at a certain academic level, but it also helps you to feel more comfortable and confident with the subject matter. There are five prerequisite courses in MBA that are offered to those students who have their graduation in technical field of study.

Core Requirements

Once a student enters into his or her field of study, there is a body of knowledge that everyone in that field should have. These topics make up the 8 core courses with the Masters of Business Administration program at Stratford.


The concentrations of Stratford University’s bachelors program allow each student to develop expertise and deep knowledge in one or more areas. This adds to the sound foundation provided by the core courses to make Stratford University graduates true “Masters”

Education is the best investment option you will ever make.
Stratford University has fees based on Credit basis.

  • Each Course is 4.5 quarter credits.
  • Bachelors degree comprises of 40 courses ( 180 quarter credits)
  • Masters Degree comprises of 12 courses ( 54 quarter- credits)

The Process
The cost of tuition per credit is given below.

Bachelors Fee Per Credit Rs 6,952/-
Masters Fee Per Credit Rs 15,412/-

The cost of form is Rs 600/- which is non refundable. Other fees not included in above fees are admission fees, processing fees, CELSA fee, Subject Associated Material Fee, Computer Usage fee, graduation fee, late fee, credit transfer fee, etc. Please view the Stratford University Catalogue for details and specific amounts.
* Service tax is applicable on above mentioned fees currently at 14.5%
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After you create your Financial Plan, we’ll help you put your educational investment into perspective look.
A finance counsellor will help you to know about your fees, taxes and any credit transfer from previous college. The more correct the information you provide, there will be more accuracy in your fees plan

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Learn in an accredited business degree program.
American council of Independent Schools and Colleges (ACICS), an international organization that recognizes and supports teaching excellence, accredits the Master of Business Administration degree program of Stratford University

Develop in-demand, 21st-century skills.
The curriculum development team at Stratford University works with business leaders to develop an MBA program that provides relevant skills including a strong foundation in advanced business theory, general management and operations to help you prepare for your future.
Learn business fundamentals and apply them to contemporary problems.
Our MBA program provides a solid education in business fundamentals such as marketing, accounting and management. The majority of our students are working learners who are able to apply these fundamentals to real-world problems. This combination of theory and practical application provides insight into the vast workings within a business.
Gain knowledge from faculty with working know-how.
Faculty members at Stratford University have work experience in the fields they teach, offering you insiders’ views of what’s happening in the business world.
Multi-cultural Diversity
The classrooms at Stratford are comprised of students from diverse countries and cultures. You experience a richness that comes from students working side by side with others who are not of the same culture and develop an understanding of the perspectives from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural and multiethnic environment.
A Master’s Program that Fits Your Busy Schedule
Stratford offers the convenience of flexible course schedules as well as full-time MBA program and evening/part-time MBA programs. The classes are offered day, evening, and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. You can complete a class in five or 10 weeks and start your program five times a year (January, March, May, August, and October).
Custom Learning
You have an opportunity to customize your MBA. It is interesting to see the number of concentrations that can be taken in a particular field. Also, due to the limited amount of time spent in the classroom there are ample opportunities to pursue internships or independent study projects.
American Degree In India
With international quality standards of teaching, you get an Accredited American degree in India at most affordable price.
Is this the right choice for you?
Talk to an advisor who specializes in the Master of Business Administration degree to make sure this program fits your specific needs.
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Learning Outcomes
Stratford University has defined the learning outcomes for degree programs. Graduates with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration will have a broad and coherent knowledge of business management and leadership concepts and practices, which will form the basis for independent lifelong learning.
Graduates with a Master Degree in Business Administration will be able to:

  • Integrate managerial theories and business practices for the real world
  • Analyze information and data to make business decisions.
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities to build teams within business organizations.
  • Analyze managerial actions through quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • Critically analyze complex organisations issues

Student Learning Assessments
The MBA program measures student learning outcomes using multiple methods of direct and indirect assessments that align with specific student learning outcomes. This includes benchmark assignments/performance assessments that are standardized. The course-embedded assignments directly assess specific student learning outcomes at various points in the curriculum.
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We are glad that you preferred to apply at Stratford. Please fill our short form and one of our education counsellors will contact you back.


We are glad that you preferred to apply at Stratford. Please fill our short form and one of our education counsellors will contact you back.