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Return on Investment

Get immediate dividends through this investment


It is an investment in both time and money when you earn either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Stratford University. This degree will lead you to further promotions, career change, and also help you to start a new business. From the very beginning, you’ll gain immense knowledge, get to improve your skill sets, work on your confidence level and build a strong network of friends and corporate connections without putting your career at stake.

Growth Prospect – both professionally & personally


Sharpen your relationship & analytical skills which are required to lead a good organization and also gain a strategic insight to do the same. You get greater confidence in your abilities with enhanced knowledge and experience and also able to clearly understand varied viewpoints, lead comprehensive initiatives and ready to accept strong challenges.

Gain Deeper Management & Leadership abilities


With the help of varied courses, seminars & workshops and group projects, you will gain deeper knowledge from an entire process of gaining knowledge, practice, opinion and replication designed to shape future leaders who can bring in change and initiate business approach.

Powerful network with countries all across the world:

Stratford University invites students who are smart, talented, successful and also working professionals who excels in a combined and professional environment. These are individuals who you would want for your squad always. You will also get to interact with students from 46 countries across the world. It will give you an opportunity to interact with students from various culture and also get to learn new things about their country which will further create a strong network for you in your future.


The ROI (Return on Investment) is the ratio of money gained on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. The ROI calculation is based on:

  • Salary at the time of joining the program
  • Current Salary
  • Growth Rate so far
  • Program fees paid
  • Projection at the same growth rate for the total period of 5 years

For Example, if we take the case of Tarun Goel, we assume that his salary at the time of joining BSBA program is 0.6 lacs /annum. (i.e. Rs 5000/-) as he was not working. This assumption is based on the market salary offered.


Since his current salary is 6 lacs/annum, which when divided by the investment made on the course fees, (BSBA program fees in 2004 was 3 lacs), the ROI in the current year works out to 200%. His growth rate is 150% in 4 years and considering the same annual growth rate, his ROI in next five year will be 1200%.


However, return on investment is a result of the combination of good management education, the skills and ability of the individual manager and can vary as a result.


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