Football Match
The football team participates actively in various matches with other universities. The matches are held at Tyagrajan stadium on a weekly basis. It was a proud moment for the team on winning the Trophy in the last match.

“The match was superb. We had a tough time passing through their defence but in all it was a good game. We played really well but we need to train more frequently. We need to bring our players to a higher level. It was an interesting atmosphere meeting the Delhi University squad. We all had a nice time together and we hope to play more matches ahead. We would like to show our appreciation to those fantastic people who came and showed great support. They are incredible, supporting and cheering right from the beginning to the end of the game. We look forward to playing more games ahead and give the fans what they want to see.”

Pool Championship
“The pool Championship held in the pool room was fantastic. Most of the students were there to cheer the players, and we felt that was encouraging and it really boosted the players up. It was fun and we intend to master ourselves in the game so that we can contest some other time to be cheered up.”

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