Students Testimonials

“My communication skills have greatly improved after joining Stratford University, Noida Campus engaging in discussions with international students from all around the world fostered this development. Apart from that, the on-campus internship that I was provided with gave me an exceptional experience that refined me and my personality as a whole.”

Deepali Bhattarai
Country: Nepal

 “Firstly, I have gained confidence in communicating which is basically due to the presentations that is compulsory to give in every course. One life changing achievement was the Debate competition that I took part in this August and won. It was my first win in that kind of stream by far and I have seen so much of improvement in myself after getting into this college. All thanks to Stratford University, Noida Campus.”
Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi
Country: India

 “It was the best experience when I moved to Noida and started my University life at Stratford which is the best place for pursuing BS-IT with the recognized and accredited degree around the globe. I gained a lot of knowledge from Stratford University, Noida Campus. Met different people from different culture. Satisfied”
Amir Farooq Khan
Country: Kashmir-India

 “I have learnt how to deal with people from various countries, In other words to deal with a diverse group of people. The college has also made me work on my communication skills and presentation skills which in overall has helped me improve my personality.”
Raiees Raja Najar
Country: Kashmir-India

 “I have gained immensely from Stratford University, Noida Campus. In fact my exposure to students from different phases of the world have empowered me to grow in diversity of cultures and human capital management irrespective of the environment I found myself. Above all, I have been groomed with great skill on Software Engineering and today I am proud to be competent in Software & Web Development, Customization and Deployment through the best learning methodologies put in place by the management.”
Isah, Andy Collins
Country: Nigeria
Course: Software Engineering (Bsc)

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