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The emerging needs of business in a highly competitive environment requires organizations to build a talent pool of resourceful employees who have a clear perspective on general management principals as well as a practical understanding of business requirements. A conventional full-time management course can meet this need but it is not practical for executives who do not wish to stay away from their work for an extended period of time.

The Weekend MBA program provides opportunities to executives, students, people from all walks of life, wanting to return to education, to pursue their dream and obtain a globally recognized degree.

As a weekend MBA student, you earn the same degree as the graduates of Stratford’s traditional MBA program. Our Weekend MBA curriculum is more concentrated than the traditional MBA. We engage our weekend MBA students in more in-depth classroom discussions that allow them to share their professional experience and expertise.

Immediate Application

Whether you want to grow within your company, shift to a new career, or build a company of your own, Stratford University’s Weekend MBA program will help you gain skills and knowledge that is current and applicable.

Weekend MBA Schedule allows more time for Family and Work

Weekend MBA classes are held on two days on Weekends on Saturday & Sunday.


In the Master of Business Administration program, you may select a specialization in the following areas:

Lifelong Network

Stratford University attracts results-driven team players who build lasting relationships. Most Weekend MBA students are young and dynamic working professionals in their 20s with 2-5 years work experience. Most Weekend MBA students live within an hour’s drive to the Institute.

Weekend MBA Curriculum tailored to your Career Goals

The Weekend MBA program starts with 12 core courses for those with 16 years of education, For the candidates with 15 Years of education they have to do an additional 8 courses as a Bridge Course, so everyone has a common foundation. Some of these may be waived depending on your competencies.

Weekend MBA Value

Stratford University offers the best value of any top-ranked American Weekend MBA program. In the Stratford University Weekend MBA Program, you will earn a great education from nationally recognized faculty with responsive staff support, and get an American Accredited Stratford University degree.

How you will learn

Active Engagement in Classroom: Students are engaged in dynamic classroom discussion so they can benefit from the extensive business experience of one another. You will learn as much from your classmates as from the professors.

Teamwork: In such a rigorous course, it is highly imperative that students gain all the knowledge they can from their expert professors as well as their experienced peers. Therefore, we have integrated team-work into the curriculum. Just as in an office environment, your success is highly dependent on how well you work together with your team on project deadlines and completion.

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